Introduction: Make a Soma Cube Out of Legos!

A soma cube is a solid 3D puzzle with 7 different pieces. When put together in the correct formation, it will form a perfect cube. To learn more about soma cubes, here is a wikipedia site:

In this instructable, you will learn to make one of these out of Legos. Just read the following steps to learn how.

Step 1: The Lego Bricks That You Will Need

For this instructable you will need:

(13) 2x4 Lego bricks

(11) 2x4 Lego plates

(8) 2x4 Lego smooth top plates

(5) 2x2 Lego bricks

(8) 2x2 Lego plates

(1) 2x6 Lego brick

(10) 2x2 Lego smooth top plates

Note: if you have all the same colors, then it looks better. However, I did not have enough for all of them to be the same color, so I made mine multi-colored. Also, the amount of Legos might not be completely accurate, but it is close.

Step 2: Piece 1

Ok, let's get started. Take your two 2x4 pieces and put them together upside down as shown in the first picture. Then put plates on the bottom to connect your previous pieces (2nd picture). Next flip the whole thing over and put the smooth plates on the top to finish the first piece.

Step 3: Piece 2

For your second piece you will need to start with a 2x2 and stack a 2x6 on top of it (1st picture). Put another 2x2 on the bottom (2nd picture). Next, put a 2x4 plate and 2x2 plate on top of everything. And finally, put smooth plates on top to finish the piece (last picture).

Step 4: Piece 3

The third piece goes as follows: put a 2x4 plate under a 2x4 brick, then on top of that put a 2x2 plate on the left and a 2x2 smooth plate on the right (first picture). Now, just like the picture shows, put a 2x4 plate on your 2x2 plate. Then put a 2x4 brick on the plate you just put on. Finally, put on a smooth 2x4 plate on top of your brick. You are now finished with piece 3 of 7.

Step 5: Piece 4

This piece is made up of several pieces in the following order: a 2x4 is put next to a 2x2 as shown in the picture, but they are upside down. Then, two plates are put down to connect them together. Finally, the whole thing is flipped over and smooth plates are put on. That is how to make the fourth piece.

Step 6: Piece 5

For the 5th piece: sandwich a 2x4 brick between two 2x4 plates. Then, make an L shape by putting a 2x4 brick on the last piece (from picture 1). Put a plate on top of this brick. Finally, put smooth plates on top to finish piece five.

Step 7: Piece 6

This step is the same as the last, only instead of making an L, you will make an ⅃. If you need to, just re-read step 6 again only flip it.

Step 8: Piece 7

This piece is the most complicated step of the bunch. First, stack two 2x2 plates on top of each other, and then put a 2x2 brick on top of that. Next, as the picture shows, put a 2x4 plate on top of that. You will then put two 2x4 plates on top of the other plate, forming a V. You will also want to put a 2x2 plate underneath the two 2x6 plates to make it flat. Next, put two 2x2 plates on the first 2x4 to make everything flat (as shown in the 3rd picture). Finally, to finish everything, put smooth plates on the top.

You are now finished with this instructable. However, you still must figure out how to make the cube. This is where the puzzle comes in. I won't tell you how to make the cube, however, if you are dying to know, there are plenty of websites/pictures that tell you how to make it. Just search, "Soma Cube" on Google.

I hope you liked my instructable, and please vote for me on the "Puzzle Challenge". Thank you!

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