Introduction: Make a Speaker

We created a makerspace and held workshop every weekend.In real life,speaker is very common. We need speaker to amplify the sound.The first workshop is making a speaker.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Power amplifier *1

Speaker *1/2

Cardboard Box *1

Scew M3*4

Nut M3*4


Knife *1

Soldering Station *1

Screw Driver *1

Marker *1

Step 2: Soldering

First ,attach wires with speaker's bond pads.In this step,we should pay attention to "+" and "-".Red wire should be attached to the "+".The other should be attached to the "-".This is very important in this workshop.Then we can begin to solder.

For a newer,We need some guides about soldering.I get some soldering tutorials in this website.

Step 3: Make a Speaker Box

In this step,we need a cardboard Box.I got some packing boxes of mobile phone.Draw a circle around the speaker on the box and cut a hole to install speaker.

Step 4: Finish and Show

Video Show