Introduction: Make a Steampunk Cyberman Out of a Sheet of Copper

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I'm a big Dr. Who fan. My friend had some left over copper from a project and we was on his way to recycle it. He asked me if I wanted it to make something and i thought... i have a hammer and some rivets. ill make a Cyberman.


  1. Sheet of copper
  2. Gloves or Band-Aids
  3. Metal snips
  4. rivet gun
  5. rivets
  6. Ball Peen Hammer
  7. Wooden log with a dip carved into it for hammering metal into
  8. torch
  9. solder
  10. gears, sprockets, knobs and other odds and ends
  11. drill
  12. paper-scissors-pencil-tape
  13. permanent marker

Step 1: Cut the Pieces Out

  1. I first made a flat pattern on paper as to what I imagined it could be, cut them out with scissors and taped the together to see if it felt right. I didn't have much of a plan or blueprint... it was more of pound it to fit project.
  2. With the basic idea figured out on paper, i traced my paper parts onto the copper sheet with a permanent marker.
  3. I cut the pieces out with tin snips. Watch for sharp edges... they hurt.

Step 2: Hammering the Metal and Riveting the Pieces

  1. I took a piece of firewood and carved a small dip about 6 inches across on one side. This bowl allowed me to hammer the copper sheet into rounded sections. I could also just hammer it on the exterior rounded part of the log. I just kept hammering until it made the correct shape
  2. I would hold two pieces together as i wanted them and drill a hole where a rivet would go
  3. the rivet tool I used was an aircraft grade one. This made for clean rivet heads versus the ones that have cut shafts

Step 3: Decorate and Patina With a Torch

I hit the cyberman with a torch to add some patina and soldered on a few gears and sprockets. I also added a garden valve faucet knob i found laying around. This adds to the steampunk appeal.

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