Make a Stitchless Horizontal Carry Sheath...

Introduction: Make a Stitchless Horizontal Carry Sheath...

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I made a belt knife for my niece's husband. He asked if I would make him another sheath to wear horizonally on his belt. Further he would like it kinda rustic looking. So, after looking at a few sheaths I had on my knives in my inventory case he selected a stitchless version I had made for a client and had made the same one for a knife in the case.

Being a one man shop using a cellphone to create this keeps me out of the pictiure.

The steps are:

1) Draw out the pattern
2) Check the knife against the pattern
3) Cut the leather to match the pattern
4) Check the knife's positioning against the leather cut out

5) Cut the welt from the pattern
6) Compare welt pattern position to knife fit
7) Us Barge cement to glue the welt

8) Hammering down the welt
9) Punching holes for snap
10) Holes punched

11) Setting the snap
12) Checking the fit of the snap
13) Back side of sheath checking fit

14) Glue second side of welt
15) Punch rivet holes for welt line
16) set the rivets

17) Dying the sheath
18) finishing the leather with Auzzie
19) Sheath completed
20) Sheath on a belt

He is left handed and this is a cross draw.

Hope this is helpful to those wanting to make a simple two piece sheath.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    THIS! is what i need to make for my fishbone Knife...thanks!