Introduction: Make a T.A.S.E.R. Out of a Candle Lighter!

make a "taser" on the cheap using a Piezoelectric igniter from a candle lighter.

Candle lighter
Project box
Electrical tape
Hot Glue

Dremel (rotary tool)
Soldering iron

Note: I understand that this isn't a real Taser, or stun gun for that matter. It puts out around 10,000 volts, but with an unreasonably low amperage; too low to harm someone. You can feel it but the pain it inflicts is minor. This project was made just for fun, and isn't meant for self defense.

here are some videos of me messing with my piezoelectric "taser"
Vid 1
Vid 2

Step 1: Dissassemble the Lighter

1: Start by taking the black collar off of the neck of the lighter

Step 2: Crack Her Open.

You can unscrew and pry apart the case, but i just torqued the metal tube against the plastic handle, it opened the lighter right up, without breaking the components.

Step 3: Remove the Plumbing.

Pull the plastic inner-tube out of the metal outer-tube and use your fingers to pry it open. The clear plastic tube pipes the butane to the tip, and the wire connected to to the tip creates a spark with the outer-tube.

Step 4: Remove Butane Tank

Gently pull the tank out, the gas will be released if the metal valve at the top is pulled upward, away from the tank.. Remove plastic triggers while you're at it.

Step 5: Remove the Piezoelectric Igniter

All you need to do is pull the small black rectangle with the wire attached out, it will be easier if you cleared the trigger out.

Step 6: Project Box

Find a decent project box, not made of metal. I used an Icebreaker's sour gun case for mine. Dremel a square for the piezoelectric igniter's button, and drill two holes for electrodes.

Step 7: Electrodes!

For the electrodes I used nails that i cut down to size and dulled with a cutoff wheel. They are about 1.2 cm long. In order to connect the electrodes you'll have to make a second wire from the piezoelectric igniter. on the piezoelectric igniter the brass end is the other electrode, so tape the flat piece of metal that origionally acted as it's contact in the lighter to the brass end.


The Piezoelectric is heat sensitive. I found out the had way that heating it with your soldering iron will break the piezoelectric igniter.

you can, and should, solder the wire and metal strip to separate electrodes.
Tape the contact metal and electrodes. Leave half a centimeter of each electrode untaped.

Step 8: Assemble and Glue.

Insert the electrodes through their respective holes.

Mix up a small amount of epoxy and put all of it on the bottom of the piezoelectric igniter. Place the piezoelectric igniter on the bottom of the project box with enough sticking out of the square hole to be pushed inward and click, creating a spark.

Spread the inner wires as far as possible; the spark will find gaps in your tape job if the wires are too close. Spread hot glue on the innards, holding the electrodes in place and insulating the rest.

Let the glues curate and go shock someone (you can also put the candy back!).
The shock isn't strong enough to incapacitate someone, but it does hurt somewhat; especially if the contacts aren't touching the skin. You can use the "taser" to light the butane from the tank in your dismantled lighter.