Introduction: Make a Talking Trap

Just a side note

All credit goes to Makezine and I found this project in a make magazine and copied it almost exactly. I just brought it to Instructables to spread the idea.

1. Recording Module
2. Clothespin
3. Aluminum foil/ Aluminum tape
4. Wire
5. Small metal strip
6. 1 gallon milk bottle cap or anything of the same size

Step 1: Rig the Switch

You must locate the switch that activates the sound. Just record a test message then play around until you've found the play button.

Then, if the button is separate, just cut the button off and strip the tips of the wires.

If the button is on the circuit board, remove the button by lifting up the pins underneath the circuit board. (Refer to the picture). Then, solder wires to each contact point.

Step 2: Set Up Clothespin

You will need to get your clothespin ready. To do this, start by removing the spring from one side of the clothespin. The idea is to use the spring as a fulcrum.

Then, take your rubber band and wrap it around the tip of the clothespin. Move it around and add or subtract windings until the rubber band opens and closes with ease.

Now, put aluminum foil or aluminum tape on each jaw of the clothespin.

Step 3: Finishing It Up

Finally, take the wires from Step 2 and connect each to a jaw. This can be done using aluminum tape or any strong regular tape. Solder will not work on the aluminum foil or tape.

Bend the metal strip so that when the clothespin is open the metal strip is flat. Attach it to the clothespin.

Now, just add batteries and set everything up. You can tape everything together for neatness.