Introduction: Make a Thread Design in Photoshop

Ever wanted to create a thread design but have no clue how to? I'm here to help for this instructable you will need photoshop or something simlar

Step 1: Creating a New Project

I recommend that you create a document that the height is 14 inches and width of 7 inches. You want it to be portrait and pixels/inch 72,Rgb colour 8 (You could do 16 bit) and the background colour to be white for now.

Step 2: Setting the Background Colour.

For most forums the normal colour is white so I recommend using a dark background. Which will make it pop out and appeal to people. If the forum you are creating this for uses a dark theme as the default setting I recommend a white. For this example I used the colour #464646 which is a dark gray.

Step 3: Creating the Background

For the background you need something that would pop out I recommend the curves I did if you look at my example. For the circles you can use any colour (Because we are going to a gradient overlay later) the width should be 100px and the height should also be 100px. Their should not be any lines outside so set it to transparent.

Step 4: Copy and Paste the Circles

What you want to do is create interesting shapes with the circles I recommend creating some interesting shapes to put some pricing and a website URL.

Step 5: Converting to Smart Object.

Once you are happy with your circle placement shift click on all the eclipse layers. Then left click while they are all selected. A menu will appear and you want to click on "convert to smart object" this will convert all the eclipse layers to one layer.

Step 6: Gradient Overlay.

So after turning the circles to a smart object you are going to click on the smart object and left like you did to make it to a smart object. In the menu that appears go to "blending options" and click. A menu will appear called "blending options" with check boxes along on the right side and go down to "Gradient overlay". The settings you want is blend mode as normal. Opacity as 100%, the gradient setting is a gradient you want I chose a pinkish gradient for my design. Style as angel (in my opinion it is the best but you can choose any) and set the align with the layer on with the angel as 90 degrees the scale should roughly be 97%.

Step 7: Adding Text and Images

Adding text is pretty easy if you press T on your keyboard it selects the text tool and you can add text. In this tutorial I'm using the font 04db which gives it a gamer look and the font size as 72pt. That's all for tutorial hope you enjoyed it and now know something new!