Introduction: Make a Two Bladed Pocket Knife


Make A Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife Made From PVC & Hacksaw Blade.

Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed

To make a Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife you will need 1/2 " pop rivet, 2 washers, and "thin wall" Class 200 PVC . Time to make about 1/2 hour. Tools needed are hack saw, pop rivet gun, stove, sand paper, grinder (you can use a sharping stone rather than a grinder but it takes longer).

Step 2: Make Blade Blanks

Flex hacksaw blade back and forth to brake off the ends for blades. I leave one as a saw but you could make it a knife, screwdriver or other tools. You can make 3, 4 or more blades if you want.

Step 3: PVC

I used class 200 PVC 1" split into 1/3 but you can also use a whole section of PVC (heat and smash; then cut length ways to make your handle)

Step 4: Grind Blades

Grind the teeth off of one of the blades, sharpen and shape.

Step 5: Keep Them Cool

When grinding never let your blades get so hot you can not touch. If they get too hot them they will not hold an edge. Cool often by dunking in a can of water.

Step 6: Soften the PVC

Heat PVC over your stove. Do not scorch. Keep it moving always. You should be able to just barly handle it by hand. When soft and flexable quickly insert your two blades and press it into shape till it cools.

Step 7: Shape PVC

Use a hot pad to press the soft and hot PVC to make your handle. Make sure you first insert the blades so that the handle will not be too tight.

Step 8: Blades and Handle.

Blades and handle.

Step 9: Smooth Handle

Sand and round the edges of the PVC. also sand out a finger slot to grab the blades when folded.

Step 10: Assemble Blades Into Handle

Drill hole same diameter as the rivet. Place the hole 5/8 " from the end of your handle so that when blades are open the back of blades are supported by the handle. See the two washers on the rivet. The PVC is not stiff enough without the washers.

Step 11: Before Riveting...

Wedge the mid section of your hacksaw blade between the two blades of your knife before pop riveting. This when removed provides spacing so you can open the blades after riveting other wise the blades get squeezed together by the rivet.

Step 12: Note:

End of rivet protruding. Also note how back the blades ,when the knife is open, rest on the handle

Step 13: Sand Rivet

Sand of file the pop rivet so it is smooth.

Step 14: Folded

Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife folded.

Step 15: Make Stuff and Have Fun

Two Bladed Folding Pocket Knife finished. Sharpen knife. Try useing other materials for handles. Try more blades. Make stuff and have fun. See my other instructables including: Folding Pocket Saw Make From Jig Saw Blade: and look at my site.

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