Introduction: Make a USB Breadboard Power Supply for Close to Nothing!

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This is how to make a USB power supply for a breadboard without breaking the bank. The reason I made this instructable is because when I make projects on my breadboard, my batteries would keep on dying. So I thought to myself and I came up with the idea to use a USB to power my breadboard indefinitely. NOTE- I am not liable if your circuit backfires and destroys your computer.          


Step 1: Obtain a USB Cord

 This is pretty straightforward. Just use a USB that you don`t use anymore, or you could buy one for about $3-6 USD

Step 2: Strip the Cord

You must now strip the cord to get to the goods. Separate the red (+), and the black  (-) wires from the other wires, then cut off the other wires. On some USB cords there is a metal mesh under the main wire. just cut that off with some scissors.

Step 3: Use Clips on the Wires

Since you are not supposed to put stranded wire into the holes on a breadboard, use some clips on the wires of the USB so you don`t screw up your breadboard, and add some solid wire on the other sides of the clips. You can also solder some solid wire onto the USB wire

Step 4: Testing Your Power Supply

You are done! Now you must do the almighty first test. If you did it right, the USB should power the circuit on your breadboard. any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I hope you have enjoyed my instructable, and happy building!

Step 5: A Note

When you build this, you might want to add some diodes, fuses, ect to your circuit, so your computer is safe from the voltages that may backfire out of the circuit.

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