Introduction: Make a USB Fan

In this instructable I'll show you how to make a usb fan. It's prettty simple, took me about.....5 minutes. Average cost will probably run around....$6, if you find good deals. I had most of the materials lieing around.
What You will need:
1.Wire Strippers
2. USB cable
3. 1.5 volt motor or higher/ preferably higher depending on the output of you usb hub
4. soldering skills/ or glue


Step 1: USB Cable

First, strip the outer layer of the usb cable, be careful! You dont want to cut or split the wires on the inside!
There should be 4 wires inside, as shown in the pic.
We only need 2 ,so tape up the green and white wires.

Step 2: Motor Meets USB

Now, depending on the motor you got, it should have two "pegs" on the outside or at least two spots to put wires on...what ever there called.
Tape, glue, or solder the black and red wires to either peg does not matter which attaches to which. Unfortunatly using tape and hot glue will not last long and probably not look so great either.

Step 3: Blades

On the motor peg sticking out the top, you should attack fan blades.
You can make your's out of plastic or pretty much anything.
With motors it ussualy comes with a little plastic cap that goes on the end, usualy this should hold the blades on there pretty well, but dont blame me if your blades fly off! jk

Step 4: Plugging It In

Now just plug it in!
Later on you may want to make a stand so you can actulay use it!
(You can make one pretty easily from coat hangers)
Thank's for reading, please leave comments!