Introduction: Make a USB Phone Charger for Almost Any Cell Phone!

My charger burned up, so I thought,"Why not build your own?"

Step 1: Get the Parts:

1. Altoids tin.
2. Old wall/car charger that fits your cell phone.
3. Male USB.
4. 220 ohm resistor (red-red-brown).
5. LED (color is up to you).
6. Power Switch.
7. USB extension cable (just in case you can't fit the USB plug directly into your computer).


Step 2: Connect the Dots...

Now I'm sure most of you know what the leads on USB ports look like, and how all you will need are the 1st and 4th leads (Red, that's your positive 5V, Black is the ground). Just cut of the white and green wires if you have them, if all you have is the metal male USB part, then you just solder wires to the first and last leads. Now connect the positive wire (negative will also work) to your power switch. Then from the other wire on the other end of the switch, connect one end of the 220 resistor (a higher resistance would also work, it just depends on high bright you want your power light to be). And from that connection between the wire comming from the switch an end of the resistor, also run a wire directly to the positive (red) wire comming from the cut-off end of the charger (you just need the side with the adapter that plugs into your phone, it should only have 2 wires, (+) & (-) ).

Step 3: Jam the Crap in There.

After soldering the wires together, and wraping em with electical tape (better yet, heat shrink),cut a square hole in the front of the altoids tin that the USB plug come out of.... Once you get the right size (I just used my pocket knife to cut through the tin), wedge the USB in through it, and glue it in, I just used hot glue, but super glue or silicon would work better.

Cut, or drill the hole in the lid for the LED. Once you wedge that in, glue it in also.

Same deal for the power switch, and cord exiting going to your phone. Dont be bashful with the glue/filler, cause the most secure everything is, the longer it'll last.

Step 4: Ta Da!

You should be done! Plug your altoids tin into your computer (if it doesn't fit, simple run a USB extender cable (1 male end w/ a female on the other) from the tin to your comp. The LED should light up, if not, flip the power switch. If the LED still doesn't turn on, then you did something wrong. If it lights up when you turn on the switch, plug it into your phone. If your phone doesn't reply like it should, quickly disconnect it and back track. Thank you for checking out my instructable, and realize that I am not responsible for any damaged items, though highly unlikely, there is always the chance of error when dealing with electronics. Thank You!