Introduction: Make a Victorian Choker Out of Felt

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What you need:


Tape Measure

Needle and Thread

Brooch or something to decorate the front



Step 1: Measure Your Neck

Using the tape measure, get the size of your neck and add a few centimetres so that you don't strange yourself

Then cut that length out of the felt

Remember you will need a little to overlap because you will be putting a button on to close it

Step 2: Cut a Design

Then cut a curvy design into the bottom of the choker.

Mine was fairly simple but if you are more creative or better with your hands, you can make it way more decorative and fancy

Step 3: Add a Button

Sew the button on.

Make sure to put it on the side your fingers will be most adept at closing it with.

I tried to cut out a little more decoration but it didn't look great so you can skip that - you cut and decorate as you see fit

Step 4: Add the Hole

On the opposite side of the necklace, in line with the button, you can cut a hole.

Do it carefully and small at first

Rather have it as a tight fit that you can stretch out a little instead of too big that slips off the button

To stretch it, just pull it over the button and pull a little

Felt actually has a little give which makes it ideal for this.

Step 5: Decorate

How you do this is up to you

I bought an old brooch with a bust on it which looked very old and elegant so I thought it would be the perfect fit.

What is also ideal about a brooch if you have one, is that you can easily pin it on and it is interchangeable if you have a few.

Alternatively sew on anything that you see fit.

You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like!

Step 6: Wear It

That is it.

Just a few simple steps to creating a choker that goes well with any look

This is one more component of my Halloween outfit but trying it on, it looked good with regular clothes too!

For more videos on how to create, you can also check out my Youtube channel which contains a myriad of crafts