Introduction: Make a Wall Mounted Bar

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Make a wall mounted bar with plywood you can buy at any big box store and straight forward joints. The bar is designed for small spaces and holds 3-4 bottles of liquor (tall and larger diameter bottles), two stem glasses, some tumblers and whatever you can put in the small drawer.


Key Materials you'll need

  • About 1/3 a sheet of both 1/2" and 3/4" plywood
  • Piano hinge
  • Used leather belt (yup a used leather belt)
  • 2 magnetic door holders

Cutting the Materials

Here are the cut lists you'll need to make this:

If you buy new sheets of plywood for this project, have the store cross cut the 3/4" ply at 28 inches and the 1/2" ply at 18 inches. Sometimes the edge you get from having the store cut the plywood is not so pretty, this gives you a little play to clean up the edges.

Follow the cut lists above. I started with the 3/4" plywood and worked my way to the 1/2" plywood.

For the 1/2" plywood, don't forget to mark the 1" radius circle before cutting the drawer front.


Make it easy on yourself and either edge band the cut pieces or use wood filler. Just a heads up, if you use wood filler there is a lot more sanding and you might see some of the striations peek through.


Because my final product was painted I screwed the pieces in from the outside edges. An alternative would be to use pocket screws from the inside, paint the inside and leave the outside the natural wood grain.

For the drawer, assemble the body but put some finish on the front piece before you attach it to the body.

Tip: Put some strips of melamine edge banding on the bottom of your drawer so it slides easier.


For a finish I sprayed the body with White Gloss paint and finished the front with amber shellac and laquer, but you can paint it any funky design you want to match your abode.

Attach the Front

Cut the piano hinge to 20 inches and attach the front to the body.

Here Comes the Used Belt

When you buy your used leather belt make sure its a thick piece of leather and not a laminated stitched one.

Cut the straps approximately 3/4 - 1 inch thick with a length of 16 inches hole to hole.

Mounting the Straps

Mounting points:

  • Carcass - 1 1/2" in from edge and 10 7/8" from bottom
  • Front - 1 5/8" in from edge and 11" from bottom

Finishing Touches

Add yourself some magnetic door holder and the French cleat system. Now your ready to mount it on the wall and fill with some good sipping liquor. Nice thing is, if your (lady / guy) friend comes over and wants some type of 'tini drink you're good on that front too.

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