Introduction: Make a Whistle With Tinkercad

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Create your own whistle with this tutorial in less than 1 hour (of which approximately 20 minutes is in 3D printing) and for less than 1$.

This whistle can become a perfect and inexpensive toy for children, who can play with them imagining their favorite professions, referee a football match in schoolyard ... But it can also be useful to both adults and children hiking in the mountains, in the case where we get lost.

At the end of these 32 simple steps and adding a small chickpea (or any object similar to a ball) at the time of 3D printing, we will have our custom whistle :).

You can view and take the original design from Neotekna Tinkercad Account.

You will need:

- A computer and internet connection.

- A Tinkercad account.

- A 3D printer.

- A small ball.

Step 1: Create a Cylinder

Create a cylinder of 20 mm diameter x 7.5 mm height.

Step 2: Create a Hollow Cylinder

Create a hollow cylinder of 17 mm diameter x 8.5 mm height. Height does not matter, but the diameter will give you a 3 mm wall. It is important to lift 1.5 mm from the workplane.

Step 3: Align and Group It

Align both cylinders on the X axis and on the Y axis. Not on the Z axis. Group it.

Step 4: Create a Cube

Make a "cube" (actually it is a prism) of 24 x 7 x 7.5 mm.

Step 5: Align Cube and Cylinder

Align the cube with the cylinder, on the Y axis.

Step 6: Put the Prism Tangent to the Cylinder

Move the prism with the arrows on the keyboard and put tangent to the cylinder.

Step 7: Ungroup Cylinder

Step 8: Group All

Group cylinder, hollow cylinder and prism.

Step 9: Create a Hollow "cube"

Create a hollow cube of dimensions 24 x 7.5 x 2 mm. Raise it 3.75mm from the workplane.

Step 10: Place the Hollow Prism

Align hollow prism tangent with whistle. It may be necessary to adjust grid to 0.1mm.

Step 11: Duplicate Hollow Prism

Duplicate hollow prism and reserve it for next steps.

Step 12: Group Whistle Body

Group whistle to make the inner hole.

Step 13: Rotate Hollow Prism

Rotate -22.5º the hollow prism you have doubled before.

Step 14: Place the Rotated Hollow Prism

Put that hollow prism tangent to the hollow interior of the whistle. It may be necessary to adjust the grid to 0.1mm.

Step 15: Create Anothes Hollow Prism

Create a hollow prism of 24 x 3 x 7.5 mm, raised 3.75mm from the workplane.

Step 16: Place the New Prism

Match this thicker prism in the following way, in that blue point.

Step 17: Group All

Group all and you have one half of the whistle.

Step 18: Duplicate It

Duplicate it to get the other half of the whistle.

Step 19: Invert a Half

Step 20: Turn 180º the Inverted Half

Step 21: Align the Two Halves to the Center

Step 22: Raise the Upper Half

Mount one half on the other by raising it 7.5 mm.

Step 23: Group It

Step 24: Create a Toroid

Create a 12 x 12 x 3 mm toroid raised 1.5 mm from the workplane.

Step 25: Align Toroid and Whistle

Align the toroid with the whistle on the Y axis and on the Z axis. Not on the X axis.

Step 26: Duplicate the Whistle

Duplicate the whistle and make it hollow.

Step 27: Cut the Toroid

Put approximately half of the toroid in the hollow whistle and group it.

Step 28: Remove One Half of the Toroid

Remove half of the toroid you do not want with a hollow cube.

Step 29: Place Toroid in Whistle

Place that half of the toroid to the body of the whistle. Check that nothing protrudes from the toroid inside.

Step 30: Group It

Step 31: Customize It

To finish you can put a name or whatever you want to the whistle.

Step 32: Add a Small Ball Inside

To facilitate the printing of the whistle it is better to add a small ball inside when it is being printed instead of printing it (it would be quite complicated). If you do not have a small ball or you can not think you can get in, before buying anything try a small chickpea, it works well.

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