Introduction: Make a Wish AirPlane

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Make a Wish Air Plane

Simply put if you are a maker or not, you can take part in this. Make a plane, any plane, make it from lego, wood, metal, plastic, paint a painting on scroll saw it... basically the possibilities are endless.

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Steve Ramsey Intro to Makers Care:

My version is simple it is made scrap pieces I have around the shop. From ply wood for the wings & tail fin, A piece of dowel hand rail for the fuselage, 10mm and 4mm dowel for the axle, wing struts and stand and a couple pieces of scrap pine for the stand and undercarriage.

I cut out the shape of of the top wing and get that as close as I can to what looks good, and then use that same shape as a template for the lower wing, rear wings and the tail fin. I cut all out on the band saw. You could use a scroll saw even a jig saw with a fine blade or even a copping saw.

I shape the fuselage with a grinder and sanding disc to make a slight tapper near the rear of the air craft. Then on the band saw I cut the insert for the tail fin and the rear wing. I also cut out the cockpit area. And we can glue in the tail fin and rear wing.

Clamping the two front wings together I mark the placement for the struts and then drill while still clamped, this way the will line up. I cut the struts using some dowel on the band saw and proceed to glue the the dowl to the wings and the apply to the lower wing and join the two. We are now ready to add the fuselage to the wing assembly.

I cut the propeller out on the bandsaw and a smaller nose cap, using the rotary tool to tidy it up a bit. I drill the holes in the propeller larger so it will free spin on th eprop. And drill the correct size on the nose cap. Insert and glue the dowl into the hole in the nose of the plane, wipe any excess. I use a small washer as a spacer and place the propeller on and another small washer. Then glue the nose cap on.

The next part is to make the undercarriage I use a scrap piece of pine and cut out on band saw and size it on the table saw. I drill the holes for the axle on the drill press and the glue the undercarriage into possition on the fuselage and let dry. Once dry I use washers as spacers on the axle and glue the wheels onto the undercarriage and they free spin as well.

Finding another piece of scrap pine I freehand a shape for the base and drill a hole for the stand, I glue some dowel. On the airplane I drill a hole on an angle so when it is on the stand it gives the look of flight.

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