Introduction: Make a Wooden Playmobil Fire Station

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This time I propose to you a creation for Playmobil: a fire station in medium (MDF) with 2 overhead doors for trucks, a perch of fire (bar of fireman), stairs, door, windows ...

I created it for Tom, a little boy of 3 years, at the request of his parents. They asked me an empty structure and raw and finished themselves (painting, decoration, furniture ...)



  • Width: 60 cms
  • Height: 50 cms
  • Depth: 35 cms

Plans are available for download

Completion time: 16 H (raw wood)


  • MDF 6 mm
  • MDF 10 mm
  • Chrome steel rod 8 mm
  • Ball bearings
  • PVC L profile (windows)
  • Transparent plastic (windows)
  • Hinges (door)
  • Screws, nails, glue ...


  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Glue gun
  • Hand tools (hammer, saw, files ...)

Step 1: Walls and Floors

The walls and the floor are made in MDF of 6 and 10mm following the plan.

The wood is cut with:

  • Circular saw for large cuts
  • Table saw or Dremel DSM20 for small cut
  • Jigsaw for doors and windows
  • Hole saw for the passage of the bar

Step 2: Roof

I have calculated the angle of cut (20°) so that the 2 roofs join perfectly.

The 4 windows are cut with a jigsaw after having drilled holes in 2 opposite corners (to pass the blade).

Step 3: Mounting

The elements are assembled with wood glue and then screwed.

Step 4: Tilting Doors

The tilting doors are cut in 10mm MDF. They are pierced with 3 holes to make the portholes and cutting lines imitate separate panels.

They then receive ball bearings at the 4 corners.

Step 5: Entrance Door

For the entrance door it is very simple: 2 wooden rings connected by a rods. One of them is cut and allows the door to be "locked".

The door is then installed with 2 small hinges.

Step 6: Fireman Pole

The rireman pole is made with a 8 mm chromium plated steel rod. It is fixed with a glued wood washer.

Step 7: Stairs

I printed the stairs at scale 1 to use as a template.

They are made of 6mm MDF glued.

Step 8: Rails

For overhead doors, I created rails with 10 and 3 mm MDF. They will allow the ball bearings to slide easily.

I also added a magnet for the doors to stay open.

Step 9: Windows

For windows it is just PVC profiles stuck on a piece of transparent plastic. I used a template to properly align the parts.

Then I delivered the fire station to Tom's parents who finished the decoration (painting, furniture ...)

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