Introduction: Make a Wooden Pot Rack

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Today I will show you how I made a Wooden Pot and Pan Rack.

A few years ago, I made one these and it has worked great, but I painted it Hunter Green. I thought it would be great to make another one, a little more Rustic look. Plus I didn't take any pictures or videos of the process. So I have included a Step by Step Video and Pictures, so anybody can follow along and make one themself.

Step 1: Items Needed

You will need the follow items:

Wood 2 pieces of 36" x 2"x 3/4" or ripped down from wider stock ( I used Poplar)

Wood 4 pieces of 12 x 2" x 3/4" or ripped down from wider stock ( I used Poplar)

Drill and screwdriver bits


3/32" drill bit

3/8" Forstner bit

Wood Glue

Blue Painters Tape

16 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" long wood screws

16 Birch wooden buttons

Paint or Stain of your choice

220 grit Sandpaper


Center Punch


Tape Measure


16 Brass Cup Hooks 1 1/2"

2 Open Eye Bolt hooks

Chain (Length determine from your ceiling height)

Step 2: Cut Parts

Now if you have wider stock than 2", either ripped stock down or adjust dimensions in later steps.

I had some left over pieces of poplar laying around. I ripped all my stock first to 2" wide, I then trim 2 pieces to 36" long and 4 pieces to 12" long

Step 3: Optional

I inserted a 3/8" round-over bit into my Table Router and put a small radius on each side, this is optional.

Step 4: Mark Drill Locations on Long Side Rails

Ok next I took the two 36" long pieces and measured from each end, 4 3/8" and 13 3/8". I then took my square and made a straight line on the boards. Then I measured over 1/2" from each side and made another mark.

I then used a hammer and Center punch at the connection marks, as seen in the pictures or video.

Step 5: Drill Longer Pieces

On the 36" long rails, where we just used the Center punch. Take a 3/32" drill bit and drill all the way thru. Then get yourself a 3/8" Forstner bit and drill 3/16" deep in the same locations, like the pictures and video.

Step 6: Mark Location on Edges

Now mark from each end on the edges of the 36" long rails. Make a mark on each end 3 1/2", then flip the pieces over and make 2 marks on each end. At the 4" and 13", check out the pictures or video for more details.

For the 12" long pieces, make a mark 6" from one end or center.

Now take a center punch to all your marks.

Step 7: Drilling

Now that we have marked all the edges and took a Center punch to them. We are ready to do some drilling.

Put a 3/32" drill bit into your drill and put a piece of tape about 5/8" down, this will give us a stopping point.

Drill all the holes 5/8" deep into the Long rails and shorter 12" rails, please check out the video or pictures for more details.

Step 8: Ends of 12" Rails

Now grab the 12" long rails, put into a vise and mark 3/8" and 1/2", as seen in the video or pictures. Do this for all 4 pieces of the 12" long rails, both ends. Mark with a center punch and drill with a 3/32" drill bit, 5/8" deep.

Step 9: Sanding

Now sand all the pieces with 220 grit sandpaper.

Step 10: Dry Assembly

Now align all your pieces and screw them together before putting on any glue. Make any adjustments to holes if you are off.

Step 11: Gluing Rails

Now unscrew all the pieces and put a little glue on the rails where the boards meet. Then screw back together.

Note if some of the screws don't pull boards together real good, use some clamps as shown in the pictures. Also wipe off any excess glue before it dries with a damp towel.

I used Titebond II wood glue

Step 12: Install Buttons

After glue dries, take off the clamps and put a dab of glue in the holes where the screws are. Then insert a wood button into each hole, put some blue painters tape over them to hold them in while the glue dries.

Step 13: Stain or Paint

The next day, I wiped the piece down real good.

Then using Minwax Prestain Wood conditioner, I applied a coat and let set for about 20 minutes. I then applied a coat of Minwax Dark Walnut Stain and let it set for about 15 minutes before wiping off the excess.

Now let the entire assembly dry overnight. Then spray the entire piece with a Clear Satin finish.

Note you can skip this step if you are going to paint your Rack

Step 14: Install Cup Hooks

Now install the 16 Cup Hooks into there holes as shown in the pictures or video. They go in all the holes that we drilled on the edges of the boards.

Note I used 1 1/2" Cup Hooks, that was the biggest they had at Home Depot. These work great for most Pots and pans. You may have to find bigger size for different Pots and Pans.

Step 15: Hang the Rack

Now you will need a place to hang your Rack. I choose a good location, found where the ceiling studs was and installed the 2 open-end Eye Bolt Hooks. Got me some chain from a local hardware store, 4 pieces 16" long (this will vary from your ceiling height.)

Now with the chain hanging from the ceiling, hang up your Rack and put your pots and pans on.

Now set back and enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed this Instructable, if you like this, check out my Youtube Channel here, I try to post at least 1 new video a week. Thanks for looking at my Instructable.