Make a XL (men) Hoody Into a Dress.




Introduction: Make a XL (men) Hoody Into a Dress.

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Because I LOVE wearing hoody's, nice and warm and the best are from my boyfriend because they are so long!
To make them a little more girly i'd thought i would give it a try taking the sewing machine and make it custom fit.

It is long enough for me to wear with just leggings and let it look like a 'dress'. Its só comfy! Love the way it turned out :).

Hope you like it, its my first instructable!

Step 1: Get an Oversized Hoody.

I bought one at `C&A` because it was a nice colour and just €9,-. 

Step 2: Turn Inside/out and Draw an Outline

First turn your hoody inside out. I had the front on top so I could see the front pocket and could make sure this would stay intact.
Then take a sweater that fits slim, and draw the outline.

Make sure the armpit seams allign. 

Step 3: Sew!

Sew a little from the edge of the line you just draw, About one cm to the outside of the hoody.

Step 4: Try On

Now turn outside-in, and try on if you can still get in. It will fit a little smaller then the end result. Because a lot of the fabric is still in but will later on be cut off.

Step 5: Cut of the Extra Fabric

Mine was a good fit, you can still ajust or start over if you havent cut anything off.
I cut off the extra fabric, again one cm from the sewing line.

Step 6: Secure the Seams

To make the seams stronger, finish the edges, I jused the "Zigzag" function on the machine. 

Step 7: Wear and Enjoy!

Now turn back outside-in, and its ready to wear!

I loved it :)

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    8 years ago

    I'm doing this with a game of thrones hoodie I found at a thrift shop (for $6 XD MADE ME SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!)


    9 years ago

    Actually, you want to turn them inside in or outside out after you've sewn them... LOL :) (sorry, can't help but point out funny little spatially related grammar errors)


    9 years ago

    Hopefully you choose one he wont miss ;) @marcellahella. Thats ga good one @penelopy i'm a bit late one discovering these comments but december comes again!!