Introduction: Make a Zen Micro/USB Wall Charger From a Phone Charger

Use an old cell phone charger and a usb socket extention cable to make a wall charger ( this does not come boxed with the zen micro and costs £30 ). This is very easy to do.

Step 1: Get a Cell Phone Charger, One That Will Charge at 5 Volts ( the Usb Voltage ) It Should Say This on the Charger. I Use One From a Sagem MyV-55. Cut Off Phone Input Socket and Expose the Wires.

Step 2: Get a USB Extension Cable With a Type a Female Socket on It, Cut Off the Male Socket and Expose the Wires.

Step 3: On the Phone Lead the Red Wire Is Power and the Black Is Earth ( Use a Multimetre to Double Check )

Step 4: On the USB the Red and the Black Correspond, Cut the White and Green Back Out of the Way They Are Not Used

Step 5: Solder the Matching Wires Together and Tape Them Seperatly, I Have Also Use Heat Shrink Tubing (put It on the Wire Before Soldering)

Step 6: Plug in and Your Ready to Go, This Worked for Me No Problems and Took Only 15 Mins