Introduction: Make a (better) Foldable Map

Don't we all sometimes have problems folding back some of those big maps. You know the ones you have to fold like 5 times... If you are going on a trip somewhere, you can make your own map. Print it on a paper and fold it like a pro :-) This "instructable" includes lots of images to make it easier to understand. I have tried to use images instead of text as much as possible.
This is the endresult... last image is a gifanimation showing the map in action.

Step 1: A Template Makes It Easier to Understand...

I've made a template with folding lines that I will use in the beginning to make things more obvius later on. You can download this template (Illustrator file) from the zip-file below or use the PDF file.

Step 2: Images Will Instruct How to Fold...

Just follow the steps below on each image. This is the template that I have printed on a regular A4 paper. Then I cut it out to be the size of a A5 paper (cutting lines included in illustrator file). There is are no restrictions on how big or small the paper should be. I wanted to have a small size pocket map, so I choosed this format.

Please, follow the steps on the template before you start using your fold technique on the "real" map, or whatever you have printed. We can call this the learning part. :-)

Step 3: Lets Start With the Map

Until now, you have only been using a template and have been practicing the technique.
So you think you got it now?
Great, then let us continue with the mapfolding. I will use my papertemplate as a reference to what I will fold on the map. Just follow the images instructions once again please.

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