Introduction: Make a Bullet Shell Belt!

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Today i'll be showing you how to make a bullet shell belt! Now you can be so metal and not have to pay 150 dollars of pain! For this instructable you will need:

-1 piece of material that will wrap around waist or buttocks
-many shotgun shells ( i used about forty)
-1 belt buckle
-1 strip of material to hold the shells

-sewing needle ( or sewing machine)
-a piercing tool (nail, screw, etc...)
-utility knife (one rule don't cut yourself with it)
-in my case a lighter

p.s. did you see those buttocks! he's a sexy beast.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

For my belt i used a cheap nylon guitar strap, the fact that its nylon helps for my method.... of fire! more on that later. In photo number two you can see the spandex style strip used to hold the bullets in place, the fact that's its stretchy became irrelevant later on, it was an initial idea it hold the bullets tight but its didn't work. Best for last! Shotgun shells, many shotgun shells, 12 gauge to be exact, i got mine off lights.... yeah its weird but i do believe you can buy bullet kits for skeet shooting. I have no idea on prices.

Step 2: Planning Out the Distances

Wrap your belt-ish thing around your waist (or butt) and mark where you want your bullets to start and end, then pick how much space you want between each shell (I went about a quarter inch). Once you've decided on your distance start pinning your bullets to the belt with you thin piece of material. (Like in the photos above)

Step 3: Keep Those Bullets in Place!

After you've plotted and pinned all your bullet shells down its time to sew in every spot you put a pin. if your strip doesn't keep the shells in place (like mine -_-) make a small hole at the open end of the shell and sew it to the belt. ( being a skateboarder I already ripped a few shells out, i'm going to try zip ties and I'll post the results) sewing should hold for everyday wear and tear.

Step 4: Buckle Up Boys, Were Goin for a Ride

You could do this step in a number of ways. My method involves buying a belt buckle and using the brass end of the shell as a hole to hook the buckle on. I installed the brass piece first, i made a mark where i wanted it to be then cut just enough to fit the piece in. Once i put the piece through the belt i melted the material surrounding it then bent the edges of the brass piece. To but the buckle on I put the belt through the loop and sewed the buckle in place.

Step 5: Duke Nukem-esque?

Now you have your very own bullet belt! Mine looks similar to something duke nukem would wear. Rock on my friends!

Step 6: Zip Ties!!!!! Whoooooooppp!!!!!

Zip ties are great, use them.