Introduction: Make a Chess Set Out of Corks

This is how to make a complete chess set out of 54 corks, some wood glue, and a few minutes of your time.

This is my first instructable, so, please, tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

Step 1: Materials

You're gonna need:

-52 medium sized corks(About an inch in diameter)

-2 small corks(And yes, you'll probably have to buy a bag of 20, so you'll have 18 corks you'll never have a use for.)

-Some wood glue

-A knife for some minor trimming

Step 2: The Pawn

The pawn is just... a cork. That's all it is.

Step 3: The Bishop

Ok, this one's got a little more to it. First, make a little slice with a knife down the front of one cork. See the pictures for details. Then, wood glue that bishop head on top of another cork. Ta-da! It's a cork bishop!

Step 4: The Knight

Alright, so, the knight is the other piece you need a little knife-work for. You just slice a little off one side, so it's flat. That way, you can glue it on, and it will resemble the head of the horse.

Step 5: The Rook

This one's real easy. You just take a cork, and put an upside down cork on top. You're done!

Step 6: The Queen

Start out with a pre-made rook, and then put an inverted cork "crown" on top. Also fairly simple.

Step 7: The King

Ah, the final piece. Start out by stacking two right-side-up corks, and then one upside down. Then, you take a smaller cork, and stick that, inverted, right on top. And that's the end of the set.

Step 8: And That's It

Alright, that's how to make each piece. You might want to spray paint the other half of the set, so you actually have a complete set. Other ideas, maybe weigh down the bottom of the pieces with washers, or something, so they aren't always falling down.

Thanks for reading!