Introduction: Make a Closet to Come Out Of

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I needed to utilize the space I had better. so I did research . I needed it to do what? hold clothing not take up too much space. place shoes needed to be light and stylish. budget all user wood and screws from old wood. bought 14 dollars worth of 2x2

Step 1: Research

looked in different inspirations

Step 2: Closet Didnt Have to Be the Opera House

the closet needs to own it's own space

Step 3: Started With How to Nail a Door Shelf

it's was easier then I thought then. I needed an angle.

Step 4: It Looked So Lonely I Put Other Up

this took me awhile . what is the purpose of hollow walls . . wall walls are stupid and I heard the banding.. oops a culture club song

Step 5: Stripped Naked

I hated the looked it was too closed.. stuffy.

Step 6: It Needs Mesh Mesh

it's a breatheable material . I could use to give texture and I could see what's in closet so I don't have to get up

Step 7: First Complete Thought

was hideous to reserved and guarded didn't work with rest of room.

Step 8: Now I Don't Like It So Bare Either

you have to try extremes. take chances make mistakes.

Step 9: Hmmm Mesh and Cloth But Needs a Kick

i bought the light at dollar tree painted white. but glows oj. blues compliment color. k ok oulallah

Step 10: Always Have a Plan

your time is money. becreative in the process not the construction part. and pls have fun

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