Introduction: Make a Dazzling Butterfly Crystal Ring

About: Hi, I am passionate about making crystal rings with Swarovski Crystals, I have a site on them.

Make this dazzling Butterfly shaped Crystal Ring for a friend or for yourself, astound yourself. Follow the easy steps to make this Crystal Ring. Made with Czech crystals on the base and the top made with Swarovski Crystal beads on top, see some of my other instructables for different version like the heart-shaped Crystal Ring.

Step 1: Items Needed to Make This Butterfly Crystal Ring:

14-4mm Czech Beads (I used a bigger size for the example)
12-4mm in burnt orange Swarovski Crystal Beads (a)
6-4mm in lime green Swarovski Crystal Bead (b)
4-4mm in a dark shade of orange Swarovski Crystal Bead (c)
Seed Beads
Nylon thread in 0,20mm thickness or in fly-fishing line
2 Needles with big eye
Hypo-cement or glue

Step 2: Base of Butterfly Crystal Ring

1. Thread 2 needles with nylon thread; add 3 Czech beads on, crossing through the 3rd bead with both needles.
2. Add 1 Czech bead on each needle, cross through the bottom one with opposite needle.
3. Add 1 Czech bead on each needle again, cross the needle on the outer edge through the bottom bead.
4. Add 1 Czech bead on each again, threading opposite needle through same side as above that bead. Now repeat all the top 3 steps reversing, so it is identical to left hand side.

Step 3: Top of Butterfly Crystal Ring

1. Start from the base in step 1 above thread on the 2 needles add 2 beads of the (a) color crystal bead, then add 1 of the (b) color on one of the needles, so 2 crystals of the 2 shades on one, thread through the nearest Czech bead, the other one with 1 crystal bead needs to go through the (b) color bead as well, then through opposite Czech bead or one nearest to that bead.
2. Thread nylons until both come out of the bead on the outer edge; now do the same as above the (b) color bead facing in to middle section.
3. Repeat above.
4. Now for flower in the middle in the (c) color, with a seed bead, so 1 bead of (c) color a seed bead 1 more bead of (c) color, cross through at an angle, so imagine a square, from top right to bottom left or visa versa, I am left handed.
5. Repeat with 1 bead of (c) color go through the seed bead, add another 1 more bead of (c) color, now go to opposite side of step 4 above.
6. Repeat steps 1 & 2 of top, so it matches left hand side pattern with beads of (a) and (b) colors.
7. Finish off, knotting threads with a blob of glue and threading threads always through Czech beads.
8. You can finish off with seed beads around the side; I will show how pictures of how they look either way.

Step 4: Band of the Butterfly Crystal Ring

1. Get a strand nylon line with 2 needles through the far left Czech bead, adding 2 seed beads on each, then add 2 seed beads more on 1 needle, thread through with opposite needle.
2. Add 2 seed beads on each again, and then another lot of 2 does the same as above.
3. Keep going until desired length, 8-links for small fingers, 9 for bigger fingers. Adjust, measure on finger as you make the band or use a ring sizer (see for free download of paper ring sizer on the web, google it)