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Introduction: Make a Display Stand for Necklaces!

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I recently attended my first craft fair, and I needed a display stand for all the necklaces I had made.

I wanted something that was easy to make, cost nearly nothing, and reasonably cute.

Mission accomplished. It was a pretty big hit - lots of the other vendors complimented me on my display!

Step 1: What You'll Need!

  • one medium to large cardboard box
  • one utility or craft knife
  • one wooden dowel, at least 5/8 inch in diameter and long enough for your purposes
  • ruler
  • pencil
Try to find a box with flaps or panels with no writing at all on them - it'll make the finished display look much better!

Also, I think it would be adorable to use a branch. That was my original plan, but it rained for a nearly a week before the day of the event, so that would have been sketchy. :P

Step 2: Drawing Out the Main Shape!

The width will always be the same, but the height will depend on the length of your longest necklace.

The stand is 18 inches tall from base to the tip of the V - the base is 4 inches tall, and the V is 3 inches tall. The shaft is 11 inches tall - make it taller if your necklaces are super long. You don't want them brushing the base. This stand was the perfect height for necklaces on 18 inch chains.

The width of the base is 9 inches, and the width of the shaft is 3.

I drew the base first, and then added on the shaft and the V.

Cut out the first shape you create and trace around it to create the second one. This will ensure it matches. :)

Step 3: Cutting Out Base Supports.

The base supports will be 3 inches high and 9 inches long, so that they can dock neatly in the base and form a solid X.

Step 4: Cutting Notches in the Bases for the Supports

Mark the middle line on the bases, and make it a little more than 3 inches in length. Using you knife, score that area over and over until you cut out an area comparable to the thickness of your cardboard.

Don't cut it too large - you want the final fit to be very snug.

Test it out, making sure to push the support down so that all of the base pieces are level with the surface they're on. Otherwise it could wobble.

Step 5: Insert the Dowel and Enjoy!

Pardon the very cluttered pictures - I completed this one on my lunch break at work. :P

The first photo is of the craft fair I attended - as you can see I was a little light on necklaces - the majority of them turned into a large tangled necklace lump during transit. :P Tyler and I and some friends spent the night trying to untangle them. The embroidery hoop storage system was a fantastic idea - just not when you have to walk forever and carry lots of things to get to where you're going. Whoops! Lesson learned.

Lots more pictures of the arts and crafts fair here:

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9 years ago on Introduction

Maybe my table will be by your's at the next fair. Thanks for sharing.