Introduction: Make a Fancy Looking Tree-shaped Hatstand Out of Scrap Wood

Problem: Hats, scarfs and stuff all over your hallway?

A: You need a fancy hanger! Build this nice tree-shaped hatstand from anything flat and wooden (I used a worn out pinewood table with missing legs. This would probably look good in any wooden material. if it doesent, you can cover it with paint.

Step 1: Materials and Preparation

Start with a wooden board e.g. a table top from a broken table or some other scrap wood. The size should at least be 130 x 76 cm. (about 51" x 30") with a thickness of around 2,5 cm (1").

If you want to hang coats and heavier stuff on the hatstand; you may consider using plywood for strength issues. This could also be a lot thinner than an inch.

Prepare the board by removing atached items such as table legs or screws.

Step 2: Transfer the Pattern to the Board

Download the PDF. You'll need to transfer the drawing to the board. If you have a friend with a vinyl cutter, it would make this step very easy. If you don't, you must find a way to transfer the pattern to the plate, like printing it in sections and stick it to the board with removable glue. Of course, you can also draw your own tree.

Cut out the pattern on a vinyl cutter, peel away the extents, apply the application tape and then stick it to the board. You don't have to remove the application tape yet.

If you take a roller pen and draw extension lines from the branches, this will make it easier to position the band saw right before cutting the shape.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shape

Coarse-cut the tree with a jig saw in order to reduse weight on the material. This will make it easier to handle on the band saw where you do the fine cutting. Of course you could use a jig saw for the fine cutting as well, but this would probably result in a rougher cut and require more sanding.

Depending on the finish you prefer, you can waste a lot of time with the finishing touch. I hate that kind of work, so I roughly sanded it with a powerfile to make it look good from distance.

Step 4: Distance Pieces

In order to get the hatstand to function, you need to place it with a distance from the wall. You'll need some distance pieces or hanging brackets. You can probably make something more subtile than the ones shown here.

Use the same board you used for the tree and make two of the shapes shown. Fit it with wooden plugs and mount them on the back of the tree with screws and glue. Make sure to align the pieces with the edge that is supposed to hang vertical as shown.

Step 5: Ready to Use?

If you're happy with the looks of your tree, then hang it on the wall and start to use it. If you're not happy, try to paint it in your favorite colour and then hang it on the wall.

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