Make a Full-size Dry-erase Board That Folds Up to Pocket Size! (Noteboards)

Introduction: Make a Full-size Dry-erase Board That Folds Up to Pocket Size! (Noteboards)

Regular old shipping/packing tape will turn any surface into a dry-erase surface! Use it to laminate some index cards together, and you've got a dry-erase board that folds up to the size of an index card!

I professionally manufacture and sell these under the name 'Noteboards', but you can make your own too!

Materials needed:
A roll of packing or shipping tape
Some index cards
A flat surface

1. Take a bunch of index cards and lay them out neatly in rows on some kind of impermeable, solid surface -- a table or plastic cutting board, for example. Leave about 1/8" in between each index card.

2. Cover the index cards in a single layer of overlapping strips of packing tape, leaving no gaps in the tape.

3. Peel up all the tape, pulling from the corner of the first strip you put down, so the tape and cards and all come off your working surface as one big sheet.

4. Flip the whole sheet over so the tape's sticky side and the un-laminated sides of the index cards are now up. Then repeat the previous step, so that the index cards are laminated on both sides with sheets of overlapping strips of packing tape.

5. Trim the edges with scissors or a box-cutter. Fold up your Noteboard map-style and secure it with a rubber band. Away you go!

Note: It's really easy to get air bubbles, hair, and dirt trapped under the adhesives. Be sure to test out different dry erase markers on the tape you'll be using before you actually make your Noteboard! Some colors and brands come off much cleaner than others.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, I just make my own. The next will be better.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I seriously would buy like at least two of these if you made sold them in the UK w/o them costing like 33 dollars


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I'm sorry the shipping is so expensive. :( I'm working very hard to get Noteboards available in the UK for cheap as soon as possible!

    great idea! do you have suggestions for laying the tape down without getting air bubbles mixed in?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! One thing you can try is first sticking all the strips down on some kind of hard non-stick surface -- like a sheet of glass or some other kind of laminated surface.

    Stick them all together on there the way you would on the index cards. The tape should peel off the surface with no problem, so you can stick it and re-stick it until you get it bubble-free.

    Then, starting with the first strip you put down, you should be able to peel up the entire sheet of stuck-together strips all in one piece, flip it over so it's sticky-side-up, and arrange the index cards on it however you'd like!

    I didn't even think of this until now. That sure would have made the first Noteboards a lot easier.