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Introduction: Make a Ghetto Boom Mic

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Ever wondered how to make a video without using lapel microphones? Well, the obvious solution to that is a boom mic. But these microphones cost a lot of money and well, are bulky. So when things don't suit you, it's time to make some.... uhm..... uuhh.......things.

Step 1: Grab Some of This Stuff

You will need:
1x1 wood
wire with a 3.5mm male jack on 1 end, preferably the one on headsets
microphone from a headset
screwdriver, preferably Philips

Step 2: Drill the Hole

well, i do not have a drill, so i just got a small philips screw and a big one then start drilling the hole in the top of the wood.the microphone should fit perfectly in the hole. If not, glue it in place with hot glue or your glue of choice. The wire must be sticking out so that you can do the next step.

Step 3: Electrical Stuff

Well, this is easy. Just strip the wire with the jack and connect the wires from the jack and the microphone. Well, make sure the wires are electrically connected to the jack.

Step 4: Testing

well, if your wiring is correct, you must be getting feedback when you connect it to an amplifier. if not, check your wiring and the jack side. i chose an old tape recorder to record my sounds, well, it is easy to transfer this to the PC. just get a wire and 2 male jacks, connect the jacks to both ends of the wire. connect one end to the microphone port of your PC and the other end to the headphone jack of your recorder. adjust the volume of your recorder, then choose a recorder. start recording and press play on your tape recorder.

Step 5: Practical (uses) Jokes

well, people barely look up, so why not follow them and record what they say then while they are gone, sneak up their room, get a cassete tape player that runs via the mains, hook it up to a timer and adjust it that it plays the time he sleeps. the next day,ask him "so, what happened last night?" either he says the whole story to you or he laughs a bit and gets it that you did it. either way, it will be funny...

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    2 days ago, I had chickenpox. Today, I still have chickenpox, but tomorrow, I will still have chickenpox. 

    And that's it. Thanks for the recording!

    What the?

    Don't worry. It will be used for peaceful purposes....

    *The next day*

    So, still continuing on with your life?

    Umm, yeah. You can say that.

    You hesitated there. Is there something I should know?

    Last night...