Introduction: Make a 'home Bar' From Old Ikea Furniture, Wallpaper and Imagination

So this was an idea I had for some old Ikea furniture. The main thing I will say is that unlike a lot of these bar products that involve a lot of tools etc, this is made using old ikea furniture as the framework so is much easier!

See the process to follow how I did it. :)

Step 1: Take Some Old Ikea Storage Shelves.

I used three old shelves for this. Note that the lower white shelves when complete, left the bar a little higher than leaning height. So I removed one side off of each (by simply removing the screws) this when adding the longer shelf on top gave an adequate height.

Step 2: Build a Front

This part is again very simple, I measured the front of the white shelves and (using some old ply-board) cut a piece to fit the front. (Note I have left a small amount of over-hang to allow for LED lights to be attached out of sight later on!)

Step 3: Wallpapering

As this is a project I have undertaken in a rented apartment, I could not use 'real' bricks, so I looked online and found some really cool brick effect wallpaper. Now it is obviously not the real thing but it is certainly lighter and does the job (There are loads of wood effect ones too if anyone is wanting a cheap alternative to 'real woods')

I purchased some spray glue and worked my way around piece by piece (Note, you do end up having to make sure the bricks match with the next part so it all looks regimental) I also wallpapered the rear wall to make it all fit, I will bite that bullet with the landlady when it comes to it...

Step 4: Add LED Lights, Glass Top and Bar Decor!

The final stage is to add LED lights along the lip of the black shelves. I measured the top part and had a glass top made to fit and used permanent silver pens to design the name of the bar on the front. (Note, for a bit of fun I let my friends sign the bar when they visit)

And there you have it... a home bar :)