Introduction: Make a Keyboard Figure

This instructable will serve as a guide for finding a purpose for an unwanted keyboard.

My dad had given me an old laptop (which had no virtual use ). So one day I had a crazy idea to open it up out of sheer curiosity. I was able to divide the parts into sets and the keyboard looked so lonely. I carefully stored everything. Some weeks later, I had another idea to break apart the keyboard keys and then it hit me... "I can do something with this"...

Step 1: Setup and Materials

OK, so I now had a keyboard broken into pieces and a simple idea...
-First thing's first; I drew something to base the idea on. (I've been a big fan of Zoids since I was younger, so I decided to make a tribute to the "Genosaur")
-Second, figure out what tools would help me accomplish my goal. All I was gonna do was make a simple non-moving figurine.

Materials: -A glue gun.
-The keyboard keys as building material.
-The actual keyboard could easily be used as a base for the sculpture.
-Anything else from our keyboard that has a cool shape you can work with.
-A plastic bag is nice to do it on so the glue won't stick to the working area.

Step 2: Hints and Tricks

-Start from the bottom up (this will generally ensure that the end product is stable).
-Divide the body of the product into different parts so the gluing at the end would be the simplest.
-Use different key sizes and keys, and even the other parts to your advantage.
(Mine brought these round little button-like things... which I capped together to make a tail.
-Keys can provide a signature or even decoration to the object. (I made the bottom spell my name)*
-As previously suggested, the very green base of the keyboard as a stand.
-Take ideas from what the object was based on... for example, on "Zoids", the creatures had like reinforcements at the joints... You'll see how I pulled it off in the following pictures.
-Also, don't be afraid to try new things and mess up- Glue from the glue guns are easy to take off.
-Rub the glue-gun tip on the glue to sculpt and smoothen.

Step 3: The End Product...

Grab your camera and show off your piece of art... (make sure to be on "macro" mode to focus right)
As you progress take pictures to see how your idea takes form.

Good luck: feel free to post any of your outcomes.