Introduction: Make an Easter Egg Kitty Treat Dispenser.

About: One man and his cat, I enjoy fixing and making things at a laymans level.

You will need: 
  A Kinder Egg
 Some string (optional)

Dremel multi tool
Hot glue glue (optional)

And most important, KITTY TREATS!

Step 1: 1st, Eat the Chocolate and Assemble the Toy.

You'll be left with a yellow plastic egg, draw an outline of the size hole you want. Make it just a bit bigger than the kitty treats you want to use.

Step 2: DO NOT Use a Knife With This Step, the Plastic Can Split.

Use your Dremel multi-tool to cut the outline out, and drill a hole for the string in the end with the hole. This makes it easy for kitty to carry without the treats falling out.

Step 3: Add the String

Thread the string through the small hole, tie a knot . Add a small blob of hot glue to the knot and pull the string, this will attach the string to the inside of the egg.

Step 4: Now Fill With Kittys Favourite Treats!

It might take a while for kitty to get the idea, but once the penny drops she'll love this.