Introduction: Make a Lamp From a Monster Can

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Hi everyone!

Basically the whole idea of this project was to make a lamp that was both cool looking and functional. On on of my many web design/caffeine benders I purchased a ridiculously large can of Monster, 32 oz. the equivalent of two regular cans. Needless to say, this was enough to keep me jittery for hours, but the can had almost a hypnotic aura to it, it was so ridiculous, yet so awesome, so I kept it. After going through tons of bottles I decided this would be the best. I also happened to have a touch lamp controller around so I implemented that too.

Step 1: Parts List

This will work best with a large can. My measurements may differ from yours, so check it.

1x Large Aluminum can (Preferable Monster BFC)
1x Make-A-Lamp kit, can be found at many hardware stores
1x package of 6" steel lamp nipples (you will need only one, but my Home Depot only sold them paired in two)
1x 3-level touch lamp controller. these can be found online, in some hardware stores, or from any old touch lamp.
1x old lamp cord <<< Make sure to have this if you are making it a touch lamp.
1x 5/16" short (1 inch or less) bolt washer and nut
1x 3 lb package of flat glass beads, (see the picture)
Scrap Wood
Wire Nuts

You will not need the touch controller or the bolt/etc. if you don't want to make it touch, but where's the fun in that?

Tools Needed:
Drill or drill press
3" hole saw
assorted drill bits (11/32", and a couple more)
Socket wrench and some extenders, 5.16" socket

Step 2: Assemble

Sorry that there won't be any pics for this part, but I'll try to be detailed. I didn't think to take too many pics.

The first thing to do is to take some scrap wood and drill out a 3" hole with the hole saw. You need to save the plug, discard the scrap wood. The plug will be a very important piece. Drill the center out to at least 17/32" and thread the nipple through so that you can attach the small piece that goes between the bottom of the socket and the nipple can thread on, then thread the little threaded tube into the bottom of the socket. assemble it all together, minus the actual bulb socket an the cover piece for it. Also do not discard the cardboard pieces.

Step 3: Wire

Now is the time to wire the lamp, if you are not going the touch route, carefully droll a hole slightly larger than the cord, thread the cord through and then knot it as indicated on the package and wire it to the socket, threading the cord through the nipple and up through the resto f the assembly.

If you do have a touch controller, wire it up according to wahtever instructions it cam with, mine was clearly labelled. The hot wire went to the lamp and the controller, one wire from the controller went to the lamp, and the neutral wire to the controller as well, a fourth wire was the touch sensor, it had a large loop in the end for bolting it to a metal housing. You must wire it before attaching to the can. I used a scrap piece of lamp cord to run from the controller in the bottom of the can to the socket in the top.

To attach the touch sensor to the can:

first drill a 5/16 inch hole in the bottom center of the can then carefully, using the socket wrench and extenders to reach all the way in follow these steps:

1. Tape together, in this order, the bolt, loop from the touch controller , and the washer, with small amounts of duct tape. have the nut ready.

2.  Proceed to the tricky part, turn your socket wrench upside down, you need enough extenders to easily reach the bottom of the can. you should have a very long bar with a 5/16 socket at the end, use the long rench to push the bolt through the hole, thread the nut on it and tighten it.

Step 4: BEADS!!!

Now for the beads, the beads are to weigh the lamp down to keep it from tipping and to keep you from having to use ugly screws to keep the plug in place.

Once your wiring is done, pour as many of the beads in as possible.

Now push the long part of the nipple down into the beads (try carefully shaking the can as you do this) until the plug is flush with the surface.

And you're done!

Thanks for reading!