Introduction: Make a Magazine Holder!

Simple and affordable way to make personalized magazine holders!

Items needed:

-rectangular box [big enough for magazines- at least ~14ins tall and ~12ins wide] my case, I had a box big enough to make two magazine holders
-ruler and sharpie
-heavy duty scissors or exact-o knife
-mailing tape
-shelf liner [or any decorative paper you want to use]
-electrical tape
-glue [I used mod podge as my adhesive]

Step 1: Shaping the Box

Like I said before, my box was big enough to cut in half, so I shaped it into two magazine holders.

1. Draw your desired shape onto the box with a sharpie and carefully cut it with an exact-o knife or heavy duty scissors.

2. The bottom of my box was very loose and coming apart, so I taped it together with strong mailing tape. If there are any damaged or loose areas on the box, adding an extra layer of tape will benefit in the long run!

3. Next, I peeled the decorative shelf liners (which have an adhesive back to it) and stuck it all around the sides.

Step 2: Decorating!

When all the sides where finished with the decorative shelf liners, I took Black electrical tape and folded it over along the edges to complete the look. It was stretchy enough to go along the curved edges too!

Once completed, all I did was paste on a few cool images on my magazine holders.

It's up to you how you want to decorate it! Enjoy!
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