Introduction: Make a Movie!

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Here are some basics on how to make a movie!

I use windos movie maker, I find that it is very easy to use!
What you will need:

A computer.
A camera.
Props (if you need any!)

Step 1: Film!

The first step is to get an Idea and film the different scenes! Or you can use a hypercam and film video games. Also you can look up vidios on youtube...but make sure that you give credit in the credits (Key word, CREDIT, CREDITS) If you don't then thats plagerism, illegal. But when holding a camera always make sure you are holding it steady or use a tripod.

Step 2: Music!

Any good movie has good music! Here is an AWSOME website that gives you free music! Listen to the music before putting it in your movie, it only sounds good if it fits the story line!

Step 3: Sound Effects!

You need sound effects to make your movie sound realilistic! Here is an other website with free sound effects! You can get very creative with sound effects!

Step 4: Setting

You will need a good setting to film your movie.

Step 5: To Make It Look Good.

To make some cool angles, if you have a RC Heli or Airplane and a FPV camera, you could make it amazing and dramatic!

Step 6: Finishing

Then, you are done! I hope that this instructable helped you past some stumbleing blocks. If you have a question just leave a comment!