Introduction: Make a Neck Sprain Ice Pack!

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This is an instructable born of necessity.

This ice pack will also work for arms and legs, if that's the problem you're having!

I sprained my neck on Wednesday. Now it's Friday and it's still hurting. This is part of my solution.

I have a very hard time staying still. On Wednesday I went to a baking party and made various pastries all day long, until one in the morning. Yesterday I wandered about the apartment and cleaned and played videogames. Today I am telling myself I'm going to be nicer to my neck. So here we are!

With the help of Nicolas Cage movies and my fancy new ice pack scarf thing, I hope I'll be feeling better soon. :D

Step 1: Get Your Ice Ready!

Use some frozen peas, carrots or corn in the original bag if you have them. I sadly used mine before I sprained my neck.

So instead I've put some ice cubes in a ziploc bag. Make sure you fill it all the way.

Step 2: Hunt Down Some Cloth.

You could use an old t-shirt... leftover quilting cotton, a pillowcase... whatever you have lying around. Even a wide scarf could work!

Whatever it is, make sure it's at least twice as long as the circumference of your neck. Mine is probably three times as long.

I dug out a big panel of quilting cotton from my stash and cut it into a long rectangle. Make sure it's about twice as wide as your bag of frozen goodies.

Step 3: Insert the Ice Bag!

Place the ice bag in the upper half of the fabric in the middle, and then fold the fabric over.

(Optional step: tell Didi to get away from your ice.)

Step 4: Tie Around Your Neck.

You are now injured in style! Congrats!

I'm going to look very sophisticated, wandering around in a nightgown with my wonderful ice pack scarf. :P