Introduction: Make a Net With the Handmade Tool

I am going to show you how to make a net and also a tool for making it.

All you need:

-a knife
-a saw blade
-a thread or a rope
-an ice cream stick or a piece of wood
-a flat piece of plastic or wood
-anything that can be used as a hook (a nail, a piece of wire etc)

Step 1:

Step 2: Material for the Needle

For the needle you will need a piece of wood (ice cream stick in this case), a small sharp knife and a saw blade.

Step 3: Make a Needle

On one end (left) of he stick cut out about 5 mm from the middle as in the picture. (for the bigger stick you can cut out 10-20 mm).Using the knife, sharpen the other end and make a hole about 15 mm from the pointed end. Now cut out the wood about 15-20 mm from the pointed end, leaving a needle-like piece of wood in the middle. Widen the hole with the saw blade.

Step 4: Define the Size of Meshes

Define the size of meshes with a little plate. The size of the mesh depends directly of the width of the plate. You can use a piece of plastic or wood.

Step 5: Roll the Thread on the Needle

I am using bigger needle (also handmade) and a thicker rope so it can be seen better. Start rolling like in the picture.

Step 6: The Thread Is Rolled

Now you can start making the net.

Step 7:

Roll the thread over the plate twice and tide a knot.

Step 8:

Hang the obtained mesh on a hook.

Step 9:

Place the knot on the middle of the plate.

Step 10:

Pull the needle through the mesh.

Step 11:

Pull the thread tight, but make sure that it goes around the plate.

Step 12:

Now you have 3 threads between the hook and the plate. Pull the needle under 2 threads on the right side, leaving 1 on the left. Make sure that the thread fixed to the needle goes over your left hand (if you are right handed).

Step 13:

Pull the thread and you will obtain a knot.

Step 14:

Now you have 2 meshes.

Step 15:

Repeat these steps until you get the desired width of the net.

Step 16:

The net is getting wider and wider.

Step 17:

Put all the meshes in the upper row (one by one) on the hook. (In the step 15 I hold these meshes with my left middle finger, right index finger and right thumb).

Step 18:

Now you can make the net lengthwise.

Step 19:

Now repeat the steps from 9 to 13 to make the second row (to get the net longer) And add the rows until you obtain the desired dimensions of the net.

Step 20: The Finished Net

You can use a net like this to make various objects (for keeping fish, for example). Be creative.

Step 21: Another Net (from Ordinary Rope)

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