Make a Rose With Just a Ribbon in Under 90 Seconds




Introduction: Make a Rose With Just a Ribbon in Under 90 Seconds

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Hello! Today you're gonna learn how to make a rose just using a ribbon in under 60 seconds!

Size : Any size would do, but preferably you should choose about 40 centimeter long one

Note that the size of the flower totally depends on the length of the ribbon

Colour : You can choose a colour of your wish (like I chose blue!, unusual for a flower, especially rose)


Step 1: Getting the Hang of It

Take the ribbon from the center and fold it once. (See first image)

Now hold it in your hands this way, without disturbing the shape of the ribbon.(See second image)

There will be a layer of ribbon at the bottom and one at the top.

This forms the basic shape for our rose.

Note: This is the most important step in building the rose.

Step 2: Folding the Ribbon

Now, take the ribbon which is on the bottom and gently keep it to the top. (See the image series to know how that happens; the last image shows how it should look at the end.

Step 3: Keep Folding

Now in the same manner, fold it again. (every time you have to fold the ribbon on the bottom side)

P.S If the advice in the bracket confuses you, then don't read it. You'll easily understand how to do it.

Keep folding until you have folded a major part of the ribbon ( like, 80% of the ribbon)

It should look something like shown in the picture.

Important: Make sure that through this whole process, you keep your hands and fingers firm, otherwise it can spoil the whole rose.

Step 4: Now the Final Show

Now, when you're done with the folding, hold the bottom of the ribbon (till the end you have knotted) and let the rest of the knotted part go.

Voila! You will see in front of your eyes a beautiful pattern of knotted ribbon. (look in the picture)

Step 5: The Last Step

Note:This is a very important step. Read the instructions carefully.

Now , keeping the hold of your fingers tight, pull one end of the ribbon, without letting your fingers release the other end.

Keep pulling, and side by side keep observing the shape of the ribbon at the top.

Notice how gracefully the ribbon changes to a rose.

Stop pulling when you're satisfied with the image of the rose.

Note: Too much pulling may result in the distortion of the shape.

Step 6: Keeping Your Rose Intact

The problem which persists now is that you cannot leave the grip of your fingers on the ribbon otherwise the rose will get spoiled.

To solve this problem, secure your rose with a staple pin or tie it from the bottom by a ribbon or thread.

Step 7: Uses for Your Rose

Your pretty rose is finally ready!

It is a great accessory or gift item. Lets see how:

  • You can decorate your hair with the rose. It will look very pretty.It is a good idea to use different colours of these roses and put them on your hair. This can be done by using the roses on your hairband or attaching them on a clip.
  • You can purchase earrings from the market and can attach these roses to them, making beautiful set of earrings, which can be gifted to your dear ones.
  • These roses can be hung or tied around bags to give them an elegant look.
  • These roses are a must have for wrapping purposes.

There can be many more uses for your beautiful rose.

So that brings us to an end of this tutorial. If you are stuck somewhere then feel free to ask through the comments box.

Thank you!

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    6 years ago

    Great idea! I've added it to my hospital clowning toolbox, it's an inexpensive and quick gift I can give to girls of any age. Now if anyone has ideas for something similar for the boys...

    Wow the end result is SO pretty, and you showed each step so well! Awesome job, and welcome to instructables!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! It was lovely seeing your comment, being that this is my first instructable. I hope you vote for it in the contests....:)