Introduction: Make a Simple Night Table/stand With Pallets

Make a simple night table/stand with little cost by using discarded pallets.

I like pallets because you can get them for free and when they are sandpapered down, it reveals a nice wood design. Little cracks and holes makes them look rustic as well.

This project can be done in about 2 hours. It is so simple.

Step 1: Materials You Need

Pallets : you can get these from industrial areas. Take them apart.

L-hinge: you can get them from DIY or Hardware shops

That's all you need as raw materials

Tools are not sophisticated - standard drills, saw, sandpaper, screws and paint (if you want to paint them)

Step 2: Measurements

Night tables are not very high. You can see the measurements I use.

The only thing to note is that the top shelf and bottom shelf are not the same size. The bottom ones are shorter than the top. The bottom shelf 'steadies' the table besides providing shelf space. Notice the measurements I use. The length really depends on the width of leg wood.

Step 3: Screw Them Together

Use the L-hinges and bolt all shelves and legs.

Another note is that I use a piece of parquet wood to hold 2 planks together to make the shelves. You can use a metal hinge as well but then I try to make it the cheapest possible night table/stand.

Sandpaper down to make it smooth. Paint it if you like

Next : Adding a drawer to it.

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