Make a Small, Clay, Sentry Turret From Portal!




Introduction: Make a Small, Clay, Sentry Turret From Portal!

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Those annoying little(not quite little...) turrets are back to have revenge on you (for knocking them over...)!
But, somehow, when they were travelling to earth, their metal structure was changed into clay!
So, today you can make your OWN turret!

Step 1: Get Your Materials!

You need some red CLAY (not playdough), white clay (you can use other colors)  and black clay.
Tools are optional (I made them with paperclips, toothpicks and hot glue(you could use super glue).

Step 2: Shape Your Clay!

Shape your white clay into a turret shape (a kind of egg shape).

Step 3: Details...

Add a groove along the center of the egg (turret...) with a circle in the center. To make the circle, use you finger nail to flatten the clay to form a circle.

Step 4: Add the Black Line

Get the black clay and roll it into a long string. 2mm in width. Then squeeze it into the groove. Don't squeeze it too much and stop at the outline of the circle.

Step 5: Add the Laser!

Get a piece of red clay and squeeze it into two circles. One is 1.6cm in diameter and the other one is 1.1cm.
Then put the two together and stick it onto the body where the circle is.

Step 6: The Legs!

Time to add the legs! Get the black clay again and roll it into three fat legs. Bend the three fat legs in a slight angle.
Attach them onto the body. Look at the pictures above for the positions.

Step 7: Leg Plates...

Cut a piece of paper 8mm thick and 3cm long. Cut the strip of paper into three (1cm each). Place the plates onto each leg.

Step 8: Hooray! You're Done!

Hooray! You're done! Now you have your own sentry bot to protect your stuff!
The final product dimensions are in the pictures. Bye!

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    4 years ago

    Nice! I'm using just white clay and then painting it, so no images yet!