Introduction: Make a Soft 3V Battery Holder

This tutorial will show how to make a soft battery holder for 3V lithium coin-sized batteries.
You need just 5 pieces of felt and two pieces of conductive fabric.

You can cut the pieces with a pair of scissors. Get the pieces from any local craft store, and zelf conductive fabric from LessEMF. You'll also need some iron-on adhesive backing from the craft store.

Alternatively, you can get all the precut pieces from

Step 1: Supplies & Preparation

Each holder is 5 pieces of felt:
- 2 base pieces (red)
- 2 stem pieces (white)
- 1 top piece (peacock)

and 2 pieces of conductive material:
- 1 short conductor (plus)
- 1 long conductor (minus)

Additional things:
- A mini-iron, available at any crafts store.
- A 3V large battery (CR2032)

- Turn the iron to its lowest level.
- Remove the paper backing from the pieces that have them.

Step 2: Plus Side

Gather these three pieces for the plus side of the holder. The top left of the conductive piece will be longer than the felt.

Iron on the conductive piece marked '+' to the stem piece. Apply light, even pressure.

Bend the lip of the conductive piece over the other side and iron it down.

Align the red piece (glue side down), and gently iron it on to the felt. Be careful not to glue it to the table. Flip the composite and put aside.

Step 3: Minus Side

Pass part of the minus conductive piece through the hole in the felt piece and iron it on. Flip and iron it down on the other side.

Before ironing the red base, check for alignment with the plus composite.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Iron the two halves together, using your fingers to press the edges so they seal properly.

Finally, apply the top layer, and voila! a soft battery holder for your 3V coin cell.

When the holder has cooled down, gently insert the battery, plus side up.

When finished, the right side is positive. To connect, sew through the tab with conductive thread several times to make a good connection.