Make a Watch!

Introduction: Make a Watch!

Make your own awesome Polymer Clay Watch!

I came up with this idea as I sat looking at a mound of clay wondering what to make -_-

I wanted something that would incorporate technology, be useful, and yet look cool like something never seen before that I would really enjoy for a birthday gift or something like that...

Suddenly, I remembered a wrist watch I purchased some time ago at the dollar store and POOF!.. I had this idea :)

Step 1: Pick Your Color... and Stomp It!

That's right, pick one and flatten out a piece.

You dont have to use the exact colors I used. If you wish you can read between the lines and pick a look of your own. This watch is an extension of myself and thusly, yours should be the same for you or whomever you're makin it for... Its the idea that counts!

Then, press your watch into the flat piece in order to have a precise cut line for the screen hole... n cut it out.
Check out the pictures.

Step 2: Wrap It!

As seen in the pictures from the previous step the watch has to be wrapped in Aluminum Foil. Once you do that, place the watch over the flat piece, make sure the screen and screen hole lign up properly.

Now, wrap the clay around the watch and cut off the excess clay. Make any corrections necessary, like flaps to attach the straps and what not... you should end up with something that looka like pic numba 7... ok?

Step 3: Bust It Out N Do What You Gotta Do!

Using your tool or whatever you're using as a tool, fold the aliminum foil back...

Do what you gotta do to be careful on this step!

The point of this step is to get the watch out and leave the foil peacefully where it is without disrupting the shape of the darn thing... take your time.

Step 4: Bling It Out!

I made spikes out of aluminum foil... You can use something more durable if you'd like, but keep in mind that you might scratch/stab yourself or others with 'em... ok?...

Totally optional...
The holes beneath the screen are for buttons... If you want button functionality cut em out n make buttons... Picture 3 shows buttons make at your own leisure n test out before baking.

As previously mentioned I leave the decorative part up to the artist.

Step 5: Bake N Enjoy!

I know it sounds like we're makin cookies, but don't eat watch... ok?

Let it cool n stick the watch back inside man...
Now look at the time... whoa dude... sweet... but don't eat watch ok?

Step 6:

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