Introduction: Make an Easy Patriotic Table DIY Utensil Caddy, Just $7

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Like my recent 5 Mason Jar Planter Box DIY, this Patriotic Table DIY Utensil Caddy Basket is a quick and simple build for power tool beginners. You only need to make simple, straight cuts. I used my miter saw for this project, but you can use a jigsaw or circular saw too. This caddy can be cut, assembled, patched, sanded, painted and decorated in less than 2 hours. Let that dry for a couple more hours and you’ll be ready to put a coat of my favorite polyurethane on too. Learn new DIY skills and score cute, Patriotic Table Decor. Nice!

Summer is packed with tons of great reasons to get the friends and family together for a backyard BBQ or picnic. We’ve got Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, beach trips, family reunions, graduation parties, Fathers Day, and all of the “just because we wanted to grill out” days of summer ahead of us. This Patriotic Table DIY works all summer long. So show your love for the good ol’ USA with this easy DIY.

But don’t feel left out my non-American friends. You can still make this DIY Utensil Caddy Basket. The color and style is totally changeable. So mix it up and give it a look you’ll love.

Get the full instructions here.

Step 1: Assembly

This box is made with simple straight cuts. I used my Miter Saw, but you can use a circular saw or jigsaw too.

The project is so simple, you could make 6 in the same amount of time. Use them as gifts, sell them at craft fairs, or turn them into party centerpieces.

Glue and nail the box together.

Sand down the edges, prime and paint the box.

Give it a coat of polyurethane.

Paint the craft stars (aff) white and poly those too.

Glue them in the pattern you like.

Add cabinet knobs or pulls to make it easy to carry around.

Easy, peasy.

Step 2: Your Patriotic Utensil Caddy Is Ready.

Your patriotic utensil caddy is ready for all those summer picnics, backyard BBQ's, and family reunions.

Step 3: Mason Jar Centerpiece

You can use this box as a Mason Jar Centerpiece too. I decorated this one with mini LED lights and faux flowers. Check out this instructable project here.