Introduction: Make an Everyday Carry Bag

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You never know when S*** might hit the fan, that's why you can have this in you vehicle or carrying it around town. This bag will have everything you need to survive!

Step 1: Picking Your Bag

You're going to want to pick a bag that fits all of the gear you want to put in it. You might want to have a "Grey Man" effect - people don't know you're carrying a bunch of survival stuff. So remember pick something that fits you best.

Step 2: What to Put in It?

You're going to want the basics of survival in this bag. Food, water, shelter. So let's start of with food. What I put in mine is 3 honey waffle stingers+a cliff bar and a pack of gum. I also have a stove to cook anything plus a small fishing kit. That is the food portion of my EDC.

Step 3: What's Next? Water

This bag should also have a water portion. What I put in mine is a if straw, water tablets, a water bottle and once again the stove can boil water. On to the next step.

Step 4: Shelter

Shelter is more than just a roof over your head, it's something that protects you from the environment. So what I put in my bag was a rain jacket, 3 mylar blankets, some paracord, and my fire starting ideas. Which are a Zippo fire starter, candles, 5 wet tinders, a Buff and a couple boxs of matches.

Step 5: Miscellaneous Gear

This is where your tools come in. I have a fixed blade knife, Folding knife, a knife sharpener plus a Multi-tool. In addition
Hand Sanitizer
Wet wipes

Step 6: To Rap It Yup

You don't need to fallow my list, this was the best for me not you personalize it to fit you the best. Please put in different things and comment below if you made it better, I would love to here. Lastly thank you so much for reading this and how you all survival when s*** hits the fan!

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