Introduction: Make an External HDD From Old External CD/RW

Pretty straight forward conversion of an old external cd/rw to a more useful external hard drive.


1-external cd/rw (preferably the more boxy type)
1-hard drive (must match internal connector of drive case, needs to be formatted/sysed )
1-small fan (preferably able to fit the case nicely and quiet enough not to be annoying)
1-5.5"-3.5" bay insert to hold drive (should be easy enough to fab if necessary)
---minor tools and the want to do it

Disclaimer and ---t
I take no responsibility/liability for any damage to anything you might incur from this instructable. Do not ingest, spray into eyes, etc..............................

I've been using a spare 40gig in this for weeks before this and now a couple weeks after w/o issue mounted under misc. *nix or doze.

Step 1: Dissassembly

-- Remove the case screws, clips, etc. and open the case. (Just work cautiously so as not to damage the case)

-- Remove any mounts or screws holding the cd/rw drive.
-- Gently unplug the power, ide, and audio connections.
-- Remove old drive and install elsewhere or shoot it, blow it up, scavenge laser and motor,etc.

Step 2: Fan

Nothing major here.

--pick a fan
I based my descision on mount location/size, noise, amp/volt.
Found a small 12v that was quiet, had lowest current draw from selection, offered sufficient
airflow, and fit a blank face plate.

--find a way to mate it to the internal molex
I had a fan molex connector, cut off unneccessary leads and soldered/shrink wrapped to new
fan. You could just as easily solder inline to orig. molex.

Step 3: Mount Fan

In my case I'm using a Blank plate from an old case bay.

-- Check that the fan mount location will allow for free airflow, space, room warp drive etc.
-- line it up and mark mounts and inner diameter of fan.
-- Drill away.
-- After mounting double check that blades still spin freely.

Step 4: Exhaust

I'm installing my fan as an intake and have decided on exhaust vents on top.

Post thought --- Great: heat rises and out it goes. Bad: crap falls typicaly down (as into your drive). Probably be better to exhaust on upper sides of case.

--Chopped out what wasn't needed.
--Vented logo plate.

Step 5: Completion

-- Mount pre-formatted/sysed HDD into rails (I form/sysed with old win98 floppy in spare 'puter)
-- Mark any new mount points necessary to attach rails/drive to case.
-- Remove drive, drill mount points.
-- Reinstall HDD plugging cables as you go. Stow or remove audio cable.
-- Carefully route your fan cable so as not to pinch.
-- Put case back together and enjoy.