Introduction: Make an Industrial Wooden Wine Rack

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Make this industrial style wine rack with some inexpensive plywood you have laying around, electrical conduit, bolts and nuts. All these items are easily found at the hardware store and it can be made in a couple of days.

Making The Boards

Rip some project grade 3/8" plywood, or whatever thickness of plywood you have, to 7/8" thick slices.

Laminate the ripped pieces together so you have 2 boards about 10 inches wide or whatever your planer width is, unless your like me and like to hand plane stuff.

Flatten both sides of the boards either with a planer, router setup or hand plane.

Fill and sand any voids in the plywood.

If necessary, cut the board to the final dimension you want.

Using a 3 1/2 inch hole saw to cut out 6 evenly spaced holes in both boards.

1 inch in from the corners drill through holes for the bolts and 3/4 inch hole half way down for the conduit to sit in.

Do some final sanding and put your favorite finish on it.

Moving on to the spacers...

Assemble the bolts and boards, take a measurement and add 3/4" to it to compensate for the recessed holes.

Cut your 5/8 inch electrical conduit.

Sand down the electrical conduit if you want a more uniform look.

Assemble it all together.

Fill with wine.