Introduction: ELECTRIFY Your Acoustic Guitar

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This instructable I will show you how to convert your acoustic guitar to electric guitar.
My modification was done on a cheap acoustic guitar, the modifications consisted of converting it to a "Fat Strat" config.

I suggest you DO NOT do it to a pricey acoustic guitar or any acoustic guitar that you REALLY LOVE and just want to keep that acoustic guitar on it's way. If you want to do this, better buy an acoustic guitar that is cheap.

Pros: You get to Electrify your acoustic.
Cons: Sacrifice much of it"s Tone

Step 1: Pick-up Routing

Some extra wood
industrial glue

guitar switch(it is up to you what switch you need)

First of all you need to route the areas where you need to place your pick-ups.

Step 2: Adding New Braces

Since the original braces were taken away, I had to device a way to keep the strength of the guitar's body.
I used excess wood from the guitars that I have built (I always keep all extra wood when I build a guitar).

Step 3: Create a Pick Guard

Not really that necessary, but it depends on what guitar you modify, since I needed something to hold the other two single-coils, I had to build one.

Step 4: Install Electronics

Install all electronics, the electronic config that I used is simple, 5 way with 1 volume.

Step 5: Finish and Test

After finishing it I added some other modifications just to make it look "cooler".