Introduction: Make an Outdoor Shower!

Ever gone camping and wished you could rinse off. Well here is a simple, quick solution! First, you will need any standard 1liter soda bottle, 1 to 3 feet of wire (this will depend on how high/low you would like your shower to hang), a knife, and of course, water. Lets get started!

Step 1:

Turn the bottle over, and using the knife poke holed along the bumps in the bottom of the bottle, make sure the slits are not too big (too big is any wider than a dime). One hole per bump, and one in the very center of the underside of the bottle. 

Step 2:

Now turn the bottle right side up, and poke two opposing holes just under the cap, so each hole is directly opposite the other. 

Step 3:

Now take the wire and push one end of it through one of the hole you just made and out the other, like you would to string a bead. 

Step 4:

Take the ends of the wire and twist them securely together. 

Step 5:

Now place your hand on the bottom of the bottle covering the holes, and fill the bottle up with water. Then, take it to the are where you would like to shower and hang the bottle by the wire. Once you remove your hand water should, gently but steadily trickle out of the bottle. Enjoy your shower! -refill bottle as needed-