Make Any Wireless Mouse Rechargeable

Introduction: Make Any Wireless Mouse Rechargeable

Like everyone else I hate it when the batteries on my mouse run out, a couple of days ago I found myself having to use my desktop when all of a sudden the mouse stoped working, right away I knew it was the batteries and like always I keep spare batteries in my desk, only this time I forgot to buy some, so I sat there thinking. what can I do and it struck me. what if I can use the batterie off an old Bluetooth that would be grate.
in this inscrutable I will show you how to use the batterie off an old Bluetooth to make a rechargeable wireless mouse and never have to purchase batteries for it ever again.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Any wireless mouse, in my case I used a gearhead uses 2AAA batteries.

Bluetooth, I used a Samsung it has to be working and able to charge.

Soldering iron. any is good as long as it melts the solder.

Wire. I could not find any so I used the wire off a computer heatsink fan.

Wire cutters and strippers.

Step 2: The Bluetooth

by opening the usb cover in the back, it will allow you to pry out the top of the Bluetooth by pulling up, this will give access the board.
now to remove the broad, on the sides you will see some tabs holding the board in place, simply open them up or break them off to remove the battery and board. once the board is out I tore off the headset wire and speakerphone. you don't need them, all that is needed is the board with the charger port and the battery.

Step 3: Prepping and Soldering the Wire

The wire.
I could not find any usable wire around my house so I used one off a computer heatsink fan the length of the wire depends on you.

To prep the wire strip each side of both wires about a 16th of an inch. Just enough to solder It.
once stripped twist the ends and cover one side with tape so they won't make contact with each other when soldering to the battery.

The battery
when you grab the board you will most likely notice that the battery is solders to the board. in my case it was, what you are going to do us solder the positive red wire to the positive contact on the board. and the negative back/red wire to the negative contact on the board, be careful not to de_solder the battery. to let you all know I did not use extra solder. With what is already there should be enough.

The mouse
remove the battery cover and batteries if any, I also removed the battery contacts on one side just by sliding them out, the contacts on the other side have to be de_solderd if you want them removed
now that all of that is done unscrew the screws that are found under the mouse if any and sperate the top of the mouse with the bottom.
soldering the wires to the mouse.
what I did was ran the wires through the holes found near the battery contacts on the mouse and located the positive and negative and solders the wires to the back of the contacts where you will also see the wires going to the mouse board, solder positive to positive and negative to negative. once that is done you can test the mouse by switching it on if it has a power switch if you see it light up then you are good to go, put the mouse back together wrap the board and battery with. electrical tape but make sure you leave the charger port exposed to connect the charger.

Step 4: Finished Product

here you will be able to see how I tucked it away. red light on Bluetooth means charging blue means fully charged. Bluetooth does not need to be powered on. you are just using the board to charge the battery that's why the wires are solderd directly to the battery.
For the led indicator I just used a blade to cut a hole on the electrical tape so the led can be exposed

what are the benefits of doing this vs. buying rechargeable batteries.

1. it's a fun little project.
2. charging only takes about 20 min. vs. an hour or more
3 you can charge it on your laptop or desktop via usb.
4. you will save money on batteries.

I am not in any way responsible
for any damages coused to you or your devise, so please be careful.

thank you and I hope you have fun and enjoy this instructable. this is actually my first one ever.

I will meet making other modifications to the project
so make sure to check every once in a while for updates.

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    6 years ago

    by the way thank you. I hope you enjoyed the instructable.


    6 years ago

    I thought about it but it would of taken longer and maybe more difficult to make. I was going for fast and simple. but maybe in the future. I will be making some modifications to it later. I'll keep you all posted.