Introduction: Make Bouncing Deathstars With 3D Printing and Homemade Sugru!

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Parts needed are:
Access to a 3D printer.
Corn starch
Clear silicone caulk

Step 1: Download and 3D Print the Mold.

Dowload the file from and print it.

Step 2: Make Your Homemade Sugru.

I used a 49-49% volume mixture of corn starch and clear silicone caulk
and added some water, lets say 2% at the end.
You can follow the steps in the instructable.

Step 3: Final Step

Take some vaseline and apply to the inside of the mold.
Shape the homemade sugru into a ball slightly bigger then the mold, put it in and leave the mold closed under pressure for two hours. After the time has passed take the ball out and leave it somewhere to cure for a few more hours. And thats it, you now own a DIYS Deathstar.

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