Make Colored Volume Knobs

Introduction: Make Colored Volume Knobs

A tiny instructible .

Making nice looking knobs is needed many times.

we get the items

1.plastic case feet -round types

2.color thick paper (can be from packaging ) size like1 inch x 1inch each color

3.gotglue gun with stick

Step 1: Start and Finish

cut the rounds from paper

tip:use a extra hard paper for first one , perfect it

then use that ase template

scratch slowly to do white mark (knob position mark) on paper

finally cover paper with 2 layres of transparent tape.

glue to the case feet

Finishing with POT shaft fitting .The other side we nee to make the shaft fit

wrap a pot say 1K potentiometer shaft with thin paper ,put in the middle of knob and fill hot glue

after 10min hot glue will attach both ,

now gently pull the POT the shaft paper will tearoff and we will be left with nice fitting hole .

while deploying these after all pots mounted to case use a small paper packing /heatshrink packing for friction fit !

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